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 What we do is simple and easy!

Sometime you find you need to get rid of cell phone for one reason or another. Our company buys phones from people who want cash for their phones fast. We also sell used phones to those looking for quality used phones at a great price.  We also purchase all apple computers and mac books in good condition.

Here is what we offer:

We Buy Cell Phones

We Sell Cell Phones

How it Works

1. You call or text us with info on your device.

2. We make an appointment to meet with you 

3. We inspect the device in person 

4. We give you an offer 

5. If you accept we pay you cash on the spot 


1. Call or Text Us

2. Let us know what you  are looking for 

3. We meet with you and show you what we have 

4. We agree on price

5. You pay cash and the dvice is yours

We have flexible hours and are avaialble to help you buy or sell your phones or apple products in Las Vegas